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The truth is that nobody knows exactly who or what is behind Yenso’s veil. What we know is that Yenso is a legendary and wise force that offers enlightenment, strength, elegance and support for those who choose to study cryptocurrencies. Through his teachings and his Index, Yenso informs the cryptocurrency market and educates the public. Yenso is on Twitter. You can ask any question and hope to receive an answer from him, just @AskYenso.

The Yenso Index is the de facto numerical indicator of the world’s leading cryptocurrency coins and tokens.

Yenso created this Index to measure cryptocurrency market activity based upon the market caps of major crypto coins and tokens. The currencies in the Index are selected based on the Yenso eligibility criteria, including market capitalization, trading volumes, prior performance, and founder/community qualities. Fluctuations in the Yenso Index offer a simple way to understand the dynamics and magnitude of changes in crypto markets to gauge individual coin performance and to facilitate investment decisions.

The Yenso Index is calculated using the market capitalization of each coin and token in the Index, divided by the Yenso Index Divisor. The Yenso Index started at 100 on June 4, 2017. The Yenso Index will be adjusted as required by changing market conditions. As the group of currencies in the Index changes, Yenso adjusts its proprietary Index Divisor, based upon the market cap of the currencies on the date in which they were added to the Yenso Index. The Yenso Index Divisor is a proprietary factor devised by Yenso.

A currency contribution is the currency market capitalization divided by the Yenso Index Divisor on that date. The Yenso Index Divisor is based upon the market capitalization of the currencies in the index and will change as new currencies are added or removed from the Index.

Yenso’s goal is to provide an easy to understand measure of the size and direction of the global cryptocurrency market and monitor cumulative changes in value. In this way, Yenso is a force of clarity through a gauge that will increase information velocity to enhance the global cryptocurrency market.

For research or commercial uses, please cite our website as your source and consider using our embedded widget as a way to present the Index on websites.

While the main goal of other indexes is to provide highly complex methods to select currencies for investment purposes, the Yenso Index is a simple and straightforward measure of the strength of the cryptocurrency market based upon a carefully selected group of the leading cryptocurrencies that are representative of the market.

As the cryptocurrency markets change rapidly, the Yenso Index provides an aggregated view of the total market and its daily and intraday movements, to inform investment strategies and provide a market benchmark, using a simple and straight forward methodology. Yenso’s goal is to become a lighthouse for the crypto market and serve as a navigational aid to inform investors of the broader market performance.

In 2017, the cryptocurrency market weathered public attacks from different sectors, countries and organizations. Despite the turmoil, the crypto market gained broad public appeal, gaining support from governments and private sectors around the world. Private funds, individual investments and even big players such as Goldman Sachs are coming to the game. Yenso predicts the market will continue growing as the blockchain is adopted across our economy, building confidence in cryptocurrencies as a store of wealth, an instrument for smart contracts, and a new means of banking, wealth management, and both personal and business transactions.

Cryptocurrencies are secure assets that depend upon blockchain technology to guarantee transactions at low fees, making them more reliable than conventional currency. Their decentralized, autonomous nature means they are available to everyone, and there are no country barriers or foreign exchange dynamics. Furthermore, today you are able to use cryptocurrencies to travel the world, buy a cup of coffee and even raise funds for your organization through ICOs.

Each cryptocurrency has its own benefits and weaknesses. Some offer fast transactions for Point of Sale merchant services. Others are better at storing value (for investment in the currency). Others protect your identity with anonymity innovations. Others are less expensive or free. There are other cryptocurrencies that innovate for various industry sectors. And the innovations are accelerating.

Be careful.  These markets are volatile and good information is hard to find.  Yenso can help you understand currencies. Send questions through Yenso’s Contact Us page or @AskYenso on twitter.

Yes, Yenso researches and invests too. Interested? Send questions through Yenso’s Contact Us page or @AskYenso on twitter.

Besides loving his pets, Yenso is interested in making the world a better place. Yenso likes helping people.  When Yenso discovered cryptocurrencies a few years ago, it was not clear how it would develop.  They can be helpful, risky, misleading, valuable, or fraudulent like other investments. Yenso is interested in sorting out the risks and loves cryptography, blockchains, complex problem solving and risk analysis.

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you can join the Yenso Analysis Group (YAG) to gain insight into Cryptocurrencies. Financial Analysts and casual investors are welcome. Cryptocurrency markets are changing fast, so Yenso works with YAG members to build a strong network to increase knowledge sources and capacity to answer questions.  Send a request to join YAG at or go to one of our MeetUps.

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