Yenso Selection Criteria

Market capitalization over $5B USD

Well-established coins and tokens with significant participation in market capitalization

$8M of Daily Trading Volume

Having a high daily volume of transactions for 30 days reflects an established currency that is accepted in most of the exchanges and widely used by the market.

Age Determination

By using an age determination, we intend to protect the index from volatile immature currencies with limited technology, status and following.

balanced across many exchanges

Criteria 4 ensures a coin is widely traded and not dominated by a small number of exchanges that may make it easier to manipulate its market.

Yenso Governance

The Yenso Management Committee

The Yenso Committee is the regulatory body of the Yenso Index. This committee manages the Yenso Index based upon proprietary Yenso criteria. including market capitalization, trading volumes, prior performance, and founder/community qualities.

Index Adjustment

The Yenso Index and its proprietary Index Divisor will be adjusted as required by changing market conditions.

Yenso Analysis Group (YAG)

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you can join the Yenso Analysis Group (YAG) to gain insight into Cryptocurrencies. Send a request to join YAG at or go to one of our MeetUps (